Hey! Did any of you get raptured? I did not,but I am worried about all my fellow blog friends.

I was at at a gay bar, so I was pretty sure no rapturing would be happening around me. Please, check in with a simple quick message to let me know you are alright.

It's 11:27 on the east coast so I think we are all clear but you know how I worry.

And one more side note - What the fuck is wrong with those who thought something would actually happen today? Your 15 minutes are up.


Taradharma said…
There's a word for them thar people: C-R-A-Z-Y.

I saw several folks go up and I've got to say I'm glad they are now off the planet. Now we can really party.
Rita said…
Ha! No rapture here! I was tempted to head over to the Cheesecake Factory and have a few slices since it was going to be "the end of days" but I decided against it. So when is the next date? 12/21/2012?
Nulaanne said…
I missed it but then I was sleeping.
LilliGirl said…
I feel kinda bad for the fools that actually drained their savings accounts. :)
Thank you very much Tara, Rita, Nulaanne, and Lilli for checking in. I sent a text to fellow blogger Solo Homo and she too is still here. Thank goodness.
Solo said…
Yo, Ceej! I think we should have a PARTY (pronounced "just another reason to drink too much beer") every year now on May 21st.
The "We're Still Here" Holiday. Oh wait...I think that one is taken. We call it "Pride"...but anyway, I likes the idea!
Thanks for the txt. You are definitely krazy, my Yankee Girlfriend.
CJ said…
Still here! They said all the babies would get an instant ticket upstairs...I can hear crying, so I'm guessing there was no rapturing at all!
Anonymous said…
I hovered around 5 seconds then got slammed back down. Oh well, maybe next time.
You are welcome Solo. I'm relieved you were around to answer my text :)

Yeah! CJ is still here too! Must be something about that name...

Lol, Jude. Well, at least you got a hover. That's a lot more than I did.

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