Irene Quote Of The Day Friday June 11, 2010

So I removed my martini induced rant that I posted last night. I do want to send a thank out to PixieFlute on the suggestion that Irene's confusion could be due to a UTI - we are going to speak the MD about that.

I was having a bad evening and I apologize for the profanity laced post.

Anyway, I'm replacing it with a new Irene Quote of the day. A little background info - Irene does not like participating in group things unless she is very comfortable with the people involved. But at places like the rehab center/nursing home, they encourage patients to be involved. And Irene hates it.

When we went to visit her yesterday, the nurse told us that she had done great during the day, taking her meals in the dining hall with the other patients and spending the afternoon at a group sing-a-long. To say we were shocked is putting it mildly.

Us: "How are you tonight Irene?"
Irene: "I have a new arch enemy."
{Sisters turn heads to look at each other}
Us: "Who??"
Irene: "The activities director."

Some things never change.


Solo said…
And hug Irene once for us, too!
Jules said…
I wondered why the link kept breaking to that post. Sounds like Irene and my Grandmother would get along just fine.

Love the pics!
Anonymous said…
LOL great pics. I feel for Irene, I hate it when people force me to do something I don't want to either. lol
Ahh..she is still a passionate woman! HUGS.

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