DDing Tonight

Remote posting from a bar/club, listening to a band and being a very good girl.

I'm the designated driver. So no drinking means no dancing. Because everyone knows you dance so much better after 2 drinks. Arms flailing about, hips gyrating, bum shaking - you can not do that on soda water and cranberry juice.

I could go for a little snack. Too bad they don't have one of those machines with the rollers that move and cook 7 hotdogs concurrently. Nothing like a freshly cooked weiner that's been spinning in a bar for a month or two. Did I spell weiner correctly? No spell check on this app unfortunately. And no hotdogs.

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Location:A Bar Somewhere In Kielbasaville


After I quit drinking, it was hard to dance without it, but after about 2 or 3, it was easy. Get up and boogy, girl! Have an awesome time!
Anonymous said…
Aaw... get up and dance!

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