Shot At And Missed, Sh*t At And Hit

For those of you easily disgusted stop reading now.

I woke up in bed last night about 11:30pm to find the oldest Yorkie, Coco, sitting on my chest, taking (or should I say leaving) a poop.

This my friends is a first.

I could not help but to arch my head up and say "I think Coco just took a shit on my chest." Upon waking, Blondie turned on the light, looked at the large turd sitting on my white t-shirt, and burst out laughing.

Earlier in the week, the youngest Yorkie, Cierra, had a bout of diarrhea in the middle of the night. I got up to check on her and stepped in it with my bare foot.

Don't fault me for such a crappy post. They'll get better, I promise.


Anonymous said…
ok...i laughed at this. hard. and this kind of stuff doesn't normally make me laugh. it grosses me out. but picturing you trying to look up without actually sitting up just did me in.
Hey MidLife! I'm laughing now when I think about it, but I was pretty disgusted at the time. Hopefully tonight it won't happen again on the clean sheets (which I am washing right now!). Glad you got a chuckle out of this too :)
Anonymous said…
If I were you, I'd by some lottery tickets.
McMeaty said…
You might want to hit the casino this weekend....
Ronia Nash said…
I can just picture Blondie cracking up and that cracks me up!!!!
ick, i should have stopped reading at your first warning!
Solo said…
I just read this one and Nat and I are laughing (at your expense) all over again.

Uh, that's a heckuva view from the Wet Spot. Martinis on the deck?
Anonymous said…
Really crappy post. LOL @ you!

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