Maybe We Should Shake On That

From my buddy Ronia at The 100 Day Season:
Listen you! You better update your blog!!! I'll be blogging in less than 3 days!!! You better get blogging my friend! Make me laugh .... I need to laugh!
Sorry about that. I've been interviewing the past couple of weeks and I've been a little stressed out.  I generally do ok with interviewing but I have had some mishaps along the way.

I remember one interview I had many years ago when I was moving from the medical field to information technology. To my surprise, I knew one of the woman in the office. We hugged and kissed on the cheek as old friends do. I interviewed with two or three people that day. I was happy with how things went and was fairly certain I would be offered the job. I walked back to my car , all pleased with myself. I got in the car, buckled myself in, and looked in my rear view mirror before backing out of my parking spot. Then I saw it. My friend in the office wore bright red lipstick and apparently thought I needed some as well as she had left a big red lip print on the side of my face. It would have looked ok if I was interviewing for clown school but it wasn't such a good look for your typical office.  I just wish I hadn't worn such big shoes that day.


Shannon said…
That would be exactly the kind of person that I would hire! If someone else loved you, I might, too. Not to mention a woman with a kiss mark on her face is kind of hot.
Anonymous said…
I feel your pain! I once left an interview sure I clinched it when I looked down and realized that my pants had been unzipped the whole time.
Hey Sinnerviewer - Aren't you a sweetie. I never thought of it like that. That makes me feel better about the whole thing. Thank you!

LMAO Trinity. That is too funny. I mean, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but it is giving me a chuckle now. Sorry you had to experience that!
Ruby Red said…
CJ, when I was younger and just starting to use the internet there was a mad scramble for a dixie cup used by a certain hot actress that had a lipstick mark on the rim. Nowadays they would just put it on eBay. I know you can't put people on eBay but a lipstick mark really adds curb appeal anyway!
Anonymous said…
You know what I want to know. The ending! Did you get the job offer?!?
Anonymous said…
You know what I want to know. The ending! Did you get the job offer?!?
Mon said…
That is just too much, I'd hire you for sure! Hopefully your job search is going well!
John Gascot said…
You've been missed.

And I was sick and tired of looking at that ugly building.

Welcome back!
Hey Blondie - Yes, I got the job. But I hated it and quit after two weeks.

Hi OC! Thank you for the well wishes. All this looking has made me a little weary.

Thank you John! I know, that building isn't too pretty to look at. Hope I didn't permanently damage anyone's eyes here.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, God. What a riot.
Anonymous said…
that would so happen to me. hope the interviewing is profitable.
Blondie said…
Hi CJ!! (((waving hand)))

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