In With The Good Air, Out With The Bad

The thing with pool floats is that they all have that fancy one way valve so the air does not escape when you are inflating them. Good for the start of the season, not so good for the end. Every year I find myself wrestling with the floats, trying to pinch open the valve while pushing the air towards the exit.

My neighbor has a clear view of my deck. I was wondering if he thought I had passed out on top of the float, or if I was getting kinky with the pool toys. Either way, it makes me smirk to picture him looking out the window wondering just what the heck I am doing. I can hear him now - "Honey, you gotta see this. It's that crazy lesbian next door and she's at it with the inflatables again."


Mon said…
Nice view CJ...smirk.
Anonymous said…
You crack us UP! That task could have been on the "Billy Do" list! :) See you guys soon! Shakago and Theodores look fun! Billy is thirsty for a $12 martini. H&B
Thanks OC (blush). Not sure that was what my neighbor was thinking.

H&B - Crack is a good term to use here I think. If I see any ghosts in Theodores I am outta there (unless you and Billy promise to protect me). A martini sounds good to me too!
Velvet Ginger said…
I bet you are the talk of the neighborhood! ;-)
John Gascot said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Gascot said…
I thought inflatables were more of a straight guy thing.
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha! Too cute. Remember Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched? Made me think of her.
Anonymous said…
geez. i'm really lame. i just thought you were napping and enjoying the beautiful day outside.
Anonymous said…
Out with the bad air.. out with the bad air...
Butch Boo said…
I'd have stabbed it!! Love the pop it makes!!

Got "attacked" by a rubber ring proof on my blog (you have to scroll back a bit)


Shrinky said…
I wanna' see the picture of when you're next blowing it up..
Hi United! Thanks for stopping by. Just watch out for the seams.

Just doing my part to keep the neighborhood interesting Rubye Jean!

I'm wondering if I can find a blow-up mermaid John?

Hey Karen - I do remember Gladys! What was her husband's name?

You know Lyn, it really wasn't too uncomfortable prior to all the air coming out.

Hey thanks Real Live. It would be a lot better if I got on the butt blaster at the gym.

I thought it would never all come out Chewy. That was a lot of air.

Hey Butch Boo. I was LOL at that picture on your blog. Bad pool toy, bad.

I cheat Shrinky - I use a pump. Now if I could just find a device to suck the air out I would be all set.
Anonymous said…
Abner! It was Gladys and Abner. I had to Google that one :o)
i think i would have told him a kinky story! lol
You guys got any room there for 50,00 lesbian refugees from California? I'll bring a blown up floatie, k?

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