Get Your Bird Here


Blondie said…
What a bunch of turkeys! Big dummies! All the regular birds are mad and squawking in the background.

Those turkeys are HUGE!! Lots of nice white meat :)

Happy Thanksgiving, CJ! :)
Ronia Nash said…
OMG! That is so funny. I've never seen so many together in one spot. Get your gun.... now that would be FRESH!
Mon said…
OK, I'm rolling on the floor laughing at the "turkey guard" comment. You have turkeys in your yard like I have deer in mine...

We need more video!!!!

Are you cooking one of those studbirds, tomorrow??

I bet you could get rich from "organic" turkeys!!!

Velvet Ginger said…
I love wild turkeys...a big part of Ms Creek's and my adolesence & teenage's obvious whomever lives there is throwing feed out for them, my Dad could feed them out of his hand!
Thanks for sharing this!
aren't they just so cool? yes, we used to watch them out our living room window every day! and we also enjoyed them for dinner (not the ones we fed...) and they are good eating! all dark meat.
Anonymous said…
they know you have a blog. seriously. mother nature is giving you timely content. how cool is that? have a nice turkey day!
McMeaty said…
Now I know where all our turkeys went. The second one from the left looks familiar. Looks like they didn't check their calenders..

Happy Thanksgiving!!
We had a lot of fun last night. I bet your songs are just playing now...
Anonymous said…
Happy Turkey Day CJ.
Blondie... you too!
Janet said…
I love seeing wild turkeys -- so fun. Three does ran through my front yard today -- they looked wildly out of place.

Hunting season ...I'd move to my front yard too.
Anonymous said…
The place I lived in New Jersey a few years back, we had a wild turkey family (about 20 of them) wander through the back yard every day or so...
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Yes Blondie, I don't think these are the brightest birds in the neighborhood.

Hey Rizzo - With my luck I would shoot my eye out, just like in A Christmas Story.

Hello OC! I would rather have the deer. We hardly get those. I'll trade you!

Hey Rubye Jean - Yes, our neighbor feeds them. Funny, haven't seen them around since Wednesday. Oh oh.

Hello Ms. Creek - They are fun to watch. They walk in line up the hill. One after the other the just keep coming. It's like a turkey party.

Hey Lyn - It was a well timed blog gift that's for sure. Very cool indeed.

McMeaty - I think we got every turkey that lives within 5 miles. The ones from your yard must have told all their friends.

Thank you Chewy! Need an extra turkey?

Hello MLC - Wish we had more deer in our yard. I I think they are a lot cuter than the turkeys (sorry turkeys).

Hello JaneyRuth - Thank you visiting! Yes, they seem to like to hang in large groups.
SassyFemme said…
Those things never fail to make me smile. You have a TON of them compared to us. We never see more than 8 or so at a time, more often 4 or 5.

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