The Drink Is Always Greener….

I think I have figured out how to create my own green drinks instead of buying expensive powders.

Get some broccoli from the grocery store. When you get home,  run some cold water over it. Before it dries, take it outside and rub it in the dirt. Now grab a couple of fistfuls of grass and maybe a dandelion or two and a tall weed. Come back in the house and open a beer.

Place the dirt covered broccoli, grass, weed and dandelions in a blender. Throw in one blueberry for flavor. Add 8 ounces room temp water and mix that bad boy up. Pour the contents of the blender into a juice glass and the contents of the beer into a pint glass. Drink the beer.

Easy peasy! I said I could make them. I didn't say I would drink it.


Anonymous said…
Drink up!!!

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