Your GPS Hates Boston

Driving around the suburbs of Boston last night, I remembered why I wanted to move to western Massachusetts and get the heck out of the city.  Please see above picture. That is what your GPS route will look like if you try to navigate from Waltham to Newton and then to the Mass Pike.

And this is how your GPS will sound:

  • In 500 feet, prepare to keep right.
  • Change of plans, prepare to keep left.
  • Shit. Left lane has suddenly disappeared off the satellite. Just keep going straight.
  • In 2 miles, prepare to exit the highway at Exit 22, 23, 24 to Route 90 Mass Pike westbound.
  • Did I mention it is a left lane exit and you are in a right turn only lane?
  • Where the fuck did the exit go? Route re-calculation.
  • Accident reported ahead. Estimated delay of 4 hours.
  • You look like you have to pee. Shall I find a rest stop?
  • Why are you crying?
  • I told you not to drive home at night in the rain from Boston.
  • What did you call me?


8thday said…
I showed this to my daughter who drives to Boston a lot. She literally cried she was laughing so hard.
Thank you for sharing the post with your daughter 8th day! I have a big smile on face right now knowing that your daughter got a chuckle out of this. May she be safe driving around the streets of Boston!
Anonymous said…
Ok - will try this again :) This cracked me up because while not quite the same big metropolis - we often get the when we drive in Ohio. We are often driving on the white part of the map in our nav system. Then, I love it when my wife talks to Siri like she is human. She beeps and talks about different states when I am trying to turn in 200 feet :) We did find a great nav app called waze.
Hey Pawsing! So driving on the white part of the map - that sounds like you may be driving through an avalanche or a giant cloud. Not good either way! Waze is great. Better than my GPS most times!
Laine said…
And that's why I still go old-school. Can't beat a paper map. Of course, when I drove in Bahstan, I didn't have one. Thank goodness my memory synapses were firing wildly that night!

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