Mass Interstate Toilet Etiquette. It's The Law!

Wow. This really put a damper on my bathroom stall plans. After cleaning up with some wipes, I had hoped to wash my hair, get rid of some expired aspirin, dispose of that bacon grease I had been carrying around in my jacket pocket for weeks, and finally say goodbye to the boxes of books I had in my trunk.

But seriously, I don't think this bathroom edict goes far enough. I would add other items one may have in the car and want to toss at the interstate rest stop toilet area.  These items include cigarette  butts, vodka bottles, chatty passengers, pizza boxes, old lottery tickets, and ex-husbands (I threw that one if for my pal Stiffy).

So remember, when you stop to relieve yourself in Massachusetts, you can park your ass but don't flush your trash.


8thday said…
If I could flush all the lunatics drivers, and a few 18 wheelers, I would be very happy.

Our water fountain at work has a sign that only water should go down the drain - no soda, coffee, or other drinks. And all I can think is 'do they cycle the water that does down this drain back up?'
Ahh. Good additions to the list 8th day! Wondering about that water cycling thing as well. I guess if someone pours coffee down there, you may all find out :)

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