Tooth Be Told

We keep getting a bill for $1.00 from the Jesus dentist in Ludlow. I call him the Jesus dentist because he has a a picture of Jesus on the sign outside the office.

About few years ago, Blondie went to him for a routine visit. After they hygienist said all looked well, the dentist came in and said she need 5 fillings replaced. A second opinion and 6 years later, the original fillings are still in and all is well. Hmmmm.

About a year and a half ago, the bills for $1.00 started to arrive. Month after month, I get this bill, I rip it up, and I throw it in the trash. Jesus dentist has spent more on postage then on the actual bill.  I'm at the point where I may I set up my own payment plans, 1 penny at a time.

Don't be fooled by dentists with similar tactics. If they have a picture of a saint, a leprechaun, or a giant molar it could be trouble. You go in for a cleaning and the next thing you know you are paying for a full set of dentures. I speak the tooth.


Tara said…
I got a new dentist after my move a couple of years ago. My sister's family has seen him for 30 years. He has replaced fillings, added new ones, put a sealant on my teeth, etc. etc. I've not had so much dental work since my braces came off. I wonder if I really needed all that work. I am getting older and there is wear on old teeth. But I can't help but think he has done unnecessary work, and that's a weird place to be: not trusting your dentist. But then again, he travels to South America a couple of times a year to provide dental care for underserved people. I'm so confused.

That bill for 1.00 is weird. Could he send you to collections for this?
hee-hee... I'm so bad a FB addict, I forgot about the blog world.

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