Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tooth Be Told

We keep getting a bill for $1.00 from the Jesus dentist in Ludlow. I call him the Jesus dentist because he has a a picture of Jesus on the sign outside the office.

About few years ago, Blondie went to him for a routine visit. After they hygienist said all looked well, the dentist came in and said she need 5 fillings replaced. A second opinion and 6 years later, the original fillings are still in and all is well. Hmmmm.

About a year and a half ago, the bills for $1.00 started to arrive. Month after month, I get this bill, I rip it up, and I throw it in the trash. Jesus dentist has spent more on postage then on the actual bill.  I'm at the point where I may I set up my own payment plans, 1 penny at a time.

Don't be fooled by dentists with similar tactics. If they have a picture of a saint, a leprechaun, or a giant molar it could be trouble. You go in for a cleaning and the next thing you know you are paying for a full set of dentures. I speak the tooth.


Tara said...

I got a new dentist after my move a couple of years ago. My sister's family has seen him for 30 years. He has replaced fillings, added new ones, put a sealant on my teeth, etc. etc. I've not had so much dental work since my braces came off. I wonder if I really needed all that work. I am getting older and there is wear on old teeth. But I can't help but think he has done unnecessary work, and that's a weird place to be: not trusting your dentist. But then again, he travels to South America a couple of times a year to provide dental care for underserved people. I'm so confused.

That bill for 1.00 is weird. Could he send you to collections for this?

The Back of My Headboard said...

hee-hee... I'm so bad a FB addict, I forgot about the blog world.