When Is A Rum Ball Not A Rum Ball?

Need a little incentive to start the New Year's diet? Let me cook for you.

Rum balls are easy! Rum balls require no baking! Rum balls look like goat poop when I make them:

Apparently unlike Captain and Coke, more rum is a bad thing when added to this mix.

And just for reference, below is a picture of some beautiful cookies, baked by the ladies of the Ventura Street Cookie Swap.  I was able to salvage a few of the rum balls to add to this mix. By supplementing with some store bought cookies, I could actually contribute to the collection below.

So how 'bout that new diet? Looking for a personal chef? Call me!


cheesegal said…
CJ - It's not about the cookies! (OK well it is just a little bit) You were the first to go rogue with a Bakery cookie - no one is complaining - just always happy that you join in the festivities! I will have to print this blog to read to the ladies at the 2013 Cookie Swap!!!

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