Pole Shift Preparedness

I was watching one of those dooms day prep shows while working out on the treadmill in my basement. These people had a year's worth of food, enough guns and ammo to start a small war, pickle barrels for storing water that they were somehow going to turn into a heat source,  and just about any other survival supply one would need.

Are we ready to handle the earth's the next pole shift?  Since I was already in the basement, it was the perfect time to assess the situation. Off to explore the storage shelves I went.

What the hell was I thinking? This looks like trouble, real trouble I thought - until I looked on the shelf below.

Yup. All good. I'll be sitting in my lawn chair on top of the hill on our back 40, drinking Jameson's and watching the fireworks. Enjoy sitting in your bunker Doomsdayers.


Taradharma said…
get a good supply of crackers and canned sardines, and you're all set.

During the awful weeks after the Loma Prieta earthquake, I did a lot of - um - medicinal drinking. Since we really thought the end times had come, I figured, what the heck?
35jupe said…
Okay, I'm no longer in LA, I'm in Mass myself now.

It looks like I'll need to come over & help if we end up with a pole shift or end of the world scenario.

Just sayin.
Crackers! Love Ritz crackers Tara. I wouldn't mind at all having that as my survival food. I'm a little iffy on the sardines - I may have to go with peanut butter :) Medicinal martinis?

Hi Em! Welcome to Mass! Hope this cold weather isn't wearing on you too much. Yay, I may need some help with that whole pole shift thing!
35jupe said…
Well, it's definitely a change from last summer, when I was in Palm Springs and the mercury couldn't seem to get below 110 and liked being higher most of the time.

It's a be careful what you wish for scenario for me. Sorry to drag the rest of you along. ;)
Anonymous said…
good thing for the metamucel...
LilliGirl said…
I'm certain you will need more liquor than that is the world is to end

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