Irene's Cups Runneth Over

In case you are a first time visitor or perhaps have forgotten, Irene, my 87 year old mother, resides in a nursing home. And she is not very happy.

On one of my recent visits the issue of the day was her bra. It was the kind with the underwire, something I myself find only slightly more comfortable than having a root canal. Apparently, even though Irene says she hates the food at the nursing home, she has somehow manage to gain about 30 pounds since living there, making said bra a little bit snug.

I helped her remove the offending undergarment to offer some relief. This of course led to issue #2.

"What will I wear when I go out to the TV room tomorrow? I can't wear that bra. It is too uncomfortable."

I changed the conversation -  which somehow quickly switched back to "What will I wear when I go out to the TV room tomorrow? I can't wear that bra. It is too uncomfortable."

So like any good daughter, I took off my bra, right then and there. I removed the bra extender from the her wired under garment, attached it to the one I had just taken off, and placed it on top of her dresser. I then wrote a note to indicate that Irene was to wear this less torturous bra for the next day or two.

I am concerned that on my next visit I'll hear about how tight her underpants are. I'm not a big fan of going commando during the winter months.


Taradharma said…
you are a good daughter! I'd recommend taking an extra pair of panties with you next time.

And the bit about the food, my hunch is she may not like it, but it is still a comfort and distraction from boredom to eat it. And it may be more calorie laden than what she's used to. Salt, sauce and lots of carbs is my guess.
Very good point about the food Tara. I hadn't looked at that a way. The extra weight is a good thing I think. She went from 98 pound to about 130. I think she needed it. And you are right on about the sauces - everything has gravy on it!

I can't imagine whipping off my bottoms and handing them over to Irene. But it never hurts to be prepared :)
35jupe said…
The food in nursing homes is a holdover from the 1950s, I think. Tara is totally right.
I've tried a few of the items Em. Borscht - not so good. Really not good. Other things not too bad. And they always offer egg salad and pb&j sandwiches.

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