Hit Me With Your Best Conversation

Holy REO Speedwagon Batman, it time for me to fly to my class reunion again.

The following is an excerpt from a blog post I wrote back in 2007, slightly revised.

Here goes my practice run:

"Hey CJ, I have five boys. What about you, any kids?"

"No, I hate kids. You can't legally crate them like you can dogs. Ughhh, what I meant to say was I just plain forgot to have them. That's why I look so much younger than you. Ummm, no really, I love kids. It's just that I have awesome great nieces and nephews and I can play with them when ever I want and then I can return them. (CJ thinking - I'm in really deep you know what now). Hey, that's a great dress you're wearing. Husband? Oh no. None worthy. Actually I like girls. Yeah, it was a shock to me too. (CJ thinking again - Oh &^%$*, why did I bother coming here). Springfield College. No, I didn't major in PE. Correct, I said I had dogs, not cats. Why yes, this is the same hair style I had thirty years ago. For fun? I like to drink Sam Adams until I throw up, pass out, or drop my drawers, which ever happens first. Ok, sounds great, we should get together sometime. What's your email? I'll add you my contact list in my phone. Nice to see you too."

I'm ready.


35jupe said…
I went to AIC for a bit. Down the road.
Susan C said…
OMG CJ! I am going to a junior high event tomorrow to see people I haven't seen in 20 years. I am totally stealing these lines! Kids? Wha...?

I like to think of all the bottles in my wine rack as my little babies.
Hi Em! AIC? We were practically neighbors! What a small world.

Hey Susan! Love it! And I may just steal your line about the bottles if anyone asks :)

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