Account Services Anne Is Stalking Me

Every day, and I mean every day, "Anne from Account Services" calls my cell phone and home phone telling me that this is the final offer for me to lower my credit card rates. Some days I hang up. Some days I press 1 for an account representative and I talk gibberish. One day I pressed 1, placed the phone in the desk drawer and repeatedly opened and shut it hoping they would get the message.

I have asked them to stop. They call me while I am at work, they call me while I am home. Today they called me on my cell phone at 2:00pm and on my home phone at 2:03pm. And then they called me back at 4:30pm.

During the last call I pressed 1 and when the account representative came on the line I asked "Whatcha wearing hot stuff?". To which she replied "Ohhhhh whacha you wearing?" which only served to piss me off even more. I got scared as she sounded like she may have been calling me from a maximum security prison (I will not be your bitch Anne!).  I put the phone down and shuffled papers within earshot of the speaker. Yes, I know, that accomplished absolutely nothing.

Account Services Anne, you are annoying me to very depths of my soul. I want to reach through the phone and place a sock in your mouth to extinguish that computer generated voice before you drive me over the brink.


35jupe said…
Music. Very, very loud music. Something annoying. Or a whistle. The silver ones that girl scout leaders wear.

I have to admit, my favourite is to pretend I'm an older, hard of hearing lady (not that much of a stretch) and misunderstand everything they say. When they tell me there's something to buy, I tell them "Yes, I have beautiful afgans for sale. I have one in orange and pink and one in green and blue? Which one do you want." And I keep going. "Oh, I gave that to Jimmy. No, maybe to Jeanie. I'm not sure, they both got one. Wait, maybe Jimmy got the blue and yellow one." I also tell them about surgeries and dental work. I ask if they're married, if their husband knows they're working, I just go with it.

And they so rarely call me back. I don't understand it. ;)
Taradharma said…
I'd call the local news and have their consumer hot-line person intervene. Perhaps the risk of being exposed by television news will put an end to this.

We've been getting calls nightly at 5:30 from a caller in San Jose CA and all it is is heavy breathing. Real original.

Hey - Happy Thanksgiving CJ!
Em I love that idea! Oh I am so going to try that next time! I think I'll go with dog biscuits as my item for sale. That should be sufficiently annoying :)

Hey Tara! Aggh - the 'ol heavy breathing trick. Wonder how long it took him to think that one up? Calling the local news is a great idea. Maybe the could track this company down. They call from a different number each time and when you attempt to call it back, you get no answer.
OMG! YES! I have listened all the way through and when a person came on, I requested to not be called again. He promptly hung up...of course they called again.
Dar these people are very persistent. I always press 1 now to talk to an account rep. I'm hoping to waste as much of their time as they have wasted of mine.
Anonymous said…
I saw in a show once where an annoyed person answered the phone and it went something like this: 'Who is this? You have called a crime scene, I am going to need your name and number. Why are you calling? Where do you live? Stay where you are, a team is on the way.' Etc. Etc. It probable won't stop the calling but it should be fun!

Mr. Moto
Anonymous said…
I just tell them I'm going to get
my Credit Card and will give them
my social security number if they'll hang on a minute. 5 minutes later they are still
patiently waiting while I eat

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