Is It Friday Yet?

Here's a novel idea. Why don't I post something?

So tomorrow starts the summer flex schedule at work which means I have to get up a bit earlier and therefore I should really get my arse to bed. But I'm installing Photoshop Elements and I really want to see it complete so here I sit.

The summer schedule is 4 xx hours days (what ever 35 divided by 4 plus a 45 minute lunch equals) with Fridays off. Fridays off are good because by the time it rolls around, I am so freaking exhausted.

Not sure why I do this schedule exactly, as it gets to be a real pain. Somehow the thought of having Fridays off in the summer sends some sort of endorphin rush to my brain whereby my mind then tells my body that leaving the house before 6:00am and returning 12 hours later is really not so bad after all. But it is.

Can I get some cheese with this whine?


35jupe said…
Oh, yay! A post from CJ!

Hope life is treating you well, long hours not withstanding.
Taradharma said…
yeah, it sounds good, "Oh boy! Friday off!) but the extra hours one works M-Thrs are a real bear.

Me, I prefer retirement. And extreme poverty. They go hand in hand.
Anonymous said…
The benefit...saves one day of gas?

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