Where's The Other Half?

If you were charged full price at a restaurant and only got half a steak, you would probably complain. Well, I paid full price for an airline ticket and I expected a full size plane.

Why is this considered an "express" flight? Maybe it's because you can only bring 8 items or less on your carry on. Otherwise, it won't fit under your seat or in the overhead purse.

Half a plane warrants half a blog post. The end.


Taradharma said…
done deal. good one.
McMeaty said…
damn, be happy your airline didn't go belly up like ours did. Direct Air sucks.
McMeaty said…
It's so cute and cuddly. It's a baby plane hoping to grow up and be a big boy plane some day!!
35jupe said…
I must admit to not being a particularly good flyer at the best of times, but I'm never crazy about the smaller jets. (And don't get me going about Cesnas or Beechcrafts.)

Safe journeys & I hope it's travel for something fun!
Taradharma said…
oddly enough, I feel safer on smaller planes. The big ones, when the overhead compartments rattle, I fear the plane is breaking apart!

I took a prop plane between the Hawaiin Islands once, and it was a great little muscle car of a plane!

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