Promises, Promises

This has not been a productive year for me with blog posting at all. One of my resolutions is to try to be better. Promise, promise, promise.

The other thing I promise is to not pretend I am Stiffy when she forgets to log out of her Facebook account on my iPad. Sure, I thought it was important to let the world know that Stiffy loves to sing and crochet, that she felt like tap dancing, and that she was looking to buy a used horse to ride to work. But still, it wasn't nice of me. Sorry Stiffy. And tell your aunt she can stop looking for that horse for you.

On a totally different topic, I received a very cool Christmas gift from Blondie. It's called a fitbit and it is the neatest gadget. I clip it to my pants and it tracks my steps, calories, and flights of stairs. There is an application to use in conjunction with the fitbit in which you can enter your weight, food, and water intake. Now here is the ultra cool thing it does - it tracks my sleep when I wear it at night. All the information is wirelessly uploaded to the application. So when I got up this morning, I could see that it took me 6 minutes to fall asleep, that I slept for 8 hours 6 minutes, and that I woke up 16 times. It is my incentive to move my ass a bit more (after January 1 of course).

Blondie also got me 4 bars of organic stone ground dark chocolate. Refer back to the above paragraph.

Now get out there and start hitting the post Christmas sales at the mall!


Laine said…
Does the monitor count midnite trips to the little girl's room as exercise?

How large is a "bar" of organic chocolate? Is it less fattening?

These are things I need to know.

But, I don't want to know why you call her Stiffy....

Taradharma said…
thanks for your heartfelt comment on my post! You are one of the folks that I am most happy to have connected with.

I'm not obsessed with wondering how that fitbit thingy works. How the hell does it know when you've fallen asleep? Must Google it.

Have a great 2012, CJ, and I look forward to a slight increase in your posts...I know you're a busy woman and all, buy your readings are missing you!

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