My Favorite Things

Models in poses and gin from Great Britain,

tight summer t-shirts that show of your tittens,

white takeout styrofoam full of hot wings,

these are a few of my favorite things.

Gold colored Yorkies but not dancing Poodles,

hair gels and sport gels and notepads with doodles.

Blue pouches that carry a Tiffany ring,

these are a few of my favorite things.

Dykes on big Harley's with loud pipes that do scream,

cute Femmes that ride on the back of those machines,

silver white hair that the years often bring,

these are a few of my favorite things.

When the wine spills, when your kid steals,

when you're drunk a tad,

Just simply remember Martini Cartwheels,

and then you won't feel so bad.

Apologies to Julie Andrews and the Von Trapps for mangling this otherwise beautiful song.


Laine said…
WHO'S GETTING A RING FROM TIFFANY'S FOR CHRISTMAS????!!!!!!! Should we plan a shower?

VERY cute poem, Ceej.
Taradharma said…
I feel better already!!!! Lovely rendition, CJ!

Julie would be PROUD.
Hmmm, unless you know something I don't Laine, I wasn't expecting anything from Tiffany. Love those little blue bags and pouches!

Thank you Tara! I'm hoping that if there is a Sound Of Music 2, I am in the running for lead lyricist. Or at least in consideration to play Liesl.
Anonymous said…
When can we expect the video on you tube - complete with cute outfits?
KMae said…
That was great!
I tried out for Liesel in college & they actually gave the part to a 16yr old HIGH SCHOOL student. I was so pissed. I would have made a fabulous Liesel! Except for the singing thing.... Oh well.
35jupe said…
Is there a youtube vid of this in the future? I think it would go viral!
Ok, I'm so in! I love this blog. I found you through another blog I follow. I have an adorable yorkie and an incredible Harley! Oh, and I also have a standard poodle, but she doesn't dance. So I'm here to stay.
Ha Pawsing! Yes, I should find a von Trapp dress and make a vid. That would make me chuckle.

KMae I can see you as the perfect Leisel. What were they thinking?

Thanks Em. I can picture it now. And it's not pretty, lol. Maybe if I got get all of you ladies to help me sing...

Hello Diva! Thank you very much for stopping by! A Harley huh? Very nice. You know I jumped right over to your blog when I read that!

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