Guess Who Has No Electricity In Their Bathroom

Getting showered and dressed by a nightlight (it's still dark here when I get up at 4:15am) is not always the best idea. Nice hairdo today CJ. And yes, I am wearing a flannel shirt that I bought at Walmart. There are no secrets here. And no, my dog is not sitting on my head. I will call the electrician - soon.


Taradharma said…
candlelight is oh so much more flattering.
It may serve me better Tara, to use candles. I have one outlet that does work - hence the nightlight. No ceiling light or fan however. Oh well, there are worse things!
Jules said…
CJ, you are such a brave soul and you crack me up! :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
my, my, my, we all have our trials and tribulations, don't we?
Shrinky said…
Och, I would never notice if the light was on at that disgraceful time of the hour, anyway. You deserve all you get being such an early bird - that nothing short of criminal, so it is!!

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