Ear Wax As Explained By Stiffy

This video was shot on the ferry on our way home from Provincetown. Blondie is well on her way, Stiffy's Boston accent is at its best, Lover Girl throws in her two cents, and Rizzo makes obscene gestures. Good times.

Nice Blondie belch at 4min 50 sec in.


Anonymous said…
Wax is soooooo fascinating. Um... was Rizzo acting out a fishing episode? (wink)
Jules said…
I loved the "fishing episode" as Chewy put it. lol

I did not enjoy P-Town I found the girls there are hard to talk to, maybe it was my southern accent? :) The men were great though.

Hope you had a good trip. :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
C.I.W. said…
I'm itching my eee-aaaa.


I make her talk more.
Yes Chewy, but isn't the accent fun? Blondie had a beah while listening to a tale about Stiffy's eah.

Hey Jules! Sorry to see you did not enjoy Ptown. I would think a southern accent would charm the ladies. What time of year did you go? It can be a different crowd depending on the time of year.

Hi CIW! Yes, I just love Stiffy's accent. It's a wicked pissa!
C.I.W. said…
Wicked pissa?!? Translation, please.

And I meant please make her talk more ... Not 'i make her talk more' --- damn phone postings .

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