Does anyone know if the recycle people will take toilet seats? Because I put three of them out in the bin this morning. I imagine they could be sanitized, re-packaged, and sold at Home Depot as "gently used". Maybe the guy who usually takes all the cans out of our bin will want to grab these too.

I just hope the recycle guys don't get pissed off. After all, I imagine it can be sort of a crappy job with all the waste folks put out on the curb. They probably have to flush out the non-recyclable goods and then are expected to wipe up any mess left behind. With all the loads they have to deal with week after week they must get annoyed.

Which reminds me - I have to go put out that stack of magazines.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said…
Dirty magazines? (chuckle)
Anonymous said…
Wow, you're lucky. We can't clog up our recycling bins with Styrofoam.
Jules said…
I just put one in also, though I did leave a BIO-Hazard note. I am assuming anything a rear touches is a BIO-Hazard. lol
Have a good weekend :D
Trying To Get Over The Rainbow
Solo said…
I worry about you, Hon. I think you've been up there in the Tundra too long.
I make sure I hide those at the bottom of the stack Chewy ; )

No way Jude - I stopped using styrofoam seats months ago. These are the fancy cardboard ones.

Good thinking Jules! I should have put some orange tape on those. I'm still trying to figure out who actually took them (they did get picked up) - the recycle folks, sanitation engineers, or that guy who picks everything out of my trash.

Save me Solo! I think I need to get back to Texas for a little southern hospitality and a good meal!
Anonymous said…
I'm typing a comment with an iPad. Wicked pissa . It's me, CJ entertaining myself.

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