Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Ok, so I'm at the casino in CT today and I know it is a smoking environment which is cool because one bad vice deserves another and most people like to drink, smoke, and gamble simultaneously to get it all out of their system. So I'm playing my latest addiction, video poker (aka gambler's crack) when some fool sits next to me and proceeds to light up which again is ok because I know I am in a place where smoking is allowed and it is my choice to be there. But....if your smoke is drifting directly in my face while I am trying to relax, drink my free beer, and win some money, you are going to make me very annoyed. Of course I say nothing, because I am rather passive aggressive and would not say poop if I had a mouth full. Wouldn't be great if there was some way I could materialize a noxious fume in the general direction of the offender who not only wants to give himself lung cancer but apparently wants to take me along for the ride? Hmmm.......


Blondie said…
Way to go, Sweetie! While they're smokin you out, you're stinkin 'em out!!
Al said…
LOL! You are so funny! I wish I were there for that.. Umm.. Well maybe not. I could have been the smoker you were aiming at!! :-@
Cristina said…
You're way to funny! I wish I had the nerve - especially when sitting at the games and stuck around some "old farts" who fart.
Hey - thanks for the comments ladies. Don't worry - you are all safe. Except for maybe Belle.

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