Things To Think About On Your Drive To Work

Thoughts that run through my head during my very long commute to work.

  • I really shouldn't have bought that coffee at the start of my commute.
  • How much pee does a medium size Dunkin' Donuts cup hold and can anyone see me if I crouch down in the back seat? Would I get my pants leg wet?
  • Shit. I forgot to put on deodorant. I think.
  • Why is that asshole driving so fast?
  • Why is that asshole driving so slow?
  • If I throw this fingernail out the window, will people think I 'm littering?
  • Are low fat muffins really low fat? 
  • What can I blow my nose in?
  • Every story on CNN is breaking news.
  • I should have worn thinner socks today.
  • Is it possible to get a sunburn through a car window? 
  • What the hell was that before it got run over by a semi? People in other parts of the country would eat that.
  • Did I just pass a state trooper? Or as we say here, a "Statie". Also known as a "Troopah". 


Anonymous said…
My commute is only 3 miles. When I pass high school kids waking into school though, I have many thoughts running through my head... Mostly about clothing choices...

Sorry to hear about your Mom.
Unknown said…
Oh CJ!!! I feel your pain and have been there myself! Home office day tomorrow???
Thank you pawsing.

Yes, the clothing choices are something that riddles my brain. But then again, I wear socks and crocks.
Every day should be a home office day Donna!

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