There's No "i" In Team but There is in "Cookie"

Cookie swap, cookie swap, oh cookie cookie swap. It's that time of year again :)  Time to pick out our cookie for the annual cookie swap for our good friends McCheesy and McMeaty's party.

Last year was an epic fail on my part.  Rum ball cookies that looked like dirt balls and tasted like shit balls.

This year I am going to let Blondie pick out the recipe. I'm hoping she ups her game and does not choose the dreaded Potato Chip Cookie again. While no where near as bad as the Extra Rummy In My Tummy Rum Balls, they were not the hit you would think they would be.

It's stressful. There is some tough competition at this event. But after one or two bottles glasses of wine, I start to relax and just enjoy myself.

So all your Julia and Martha wanna bees, what's the treat that can't be beat?*

*While technically there is no competition involved here, I consider our cookie to be a winner if 1) I  don't cut myself with any sharp implements during the preparation; 2) the stove/house does not catch on fire during the baking; 3) no one contracts a food-borne illness from our creation during the party.


Tara said…
I think you ought to go with something VEGAN and non-alcoholic. This, my child, is your challenge. Go in peace and git bakin'.

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