Adventures At The Old Folks Home - How's Tricks?

I haven't posted in a bit so here is the back-story. My mother Irene is 88 years old and lives in a nursing home. And she hates it.

Anyway, a week or two ago my sister popped by the nursing home to visit and found Irene visibly upset. The person on the television had just reported that "Irene [LastName] is a prostitute.

Very disturbing. I don't know if it is the new medication or advancing dementia but I have repeatedly told Irene if she needed more money for her account I would be happy to deposit a few dollars. She doesn't have to resort to such things as prostitution in order to secure the funds to get a perm, buy a birthday card, or play bingo.

Oh I suppose I would have discovered it soon enough, even if the newscaster hadn't announced it. The increased wear and tear on her walker wheels, the extra dollar bills hidden in her denture cup, the requests for the fragrant dusting powder - it all adds up. Still, I am at a loss.

I'll be keeping my eye on her from now on. And I'm definitely not buying her that credit card reader she asked for during our last visit.


Tara said…
Hey, it's called supplemental income for cryin' out loud!

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