Trash Mouth Clown

It seems like every post lately starts with "wow, I can't believe it's been this long since I blogged."

Things got a little crazy with work the past couple of months. I pushed myself too hard, got run down, and then got pneumonia*.  I'm still feeling the effects with my energy levels but I'm trying to be good by going to bed early and not putting in so many hours at work.

Anyway, enough with the boring stuff. Let's move on to a really exciting topic.

Here's Bo Bo the Trash Mouth Clown. I was afraid to throw anything into his cake hole for fear he would grab onto my arm, pull me into the bowels of his soul, and eat me. Oh he's colorful and certainly catches your eye. I'll give him that. But I've seen one too many movies where it's not all about balloon animals and tiny cars. No thank you Mr. Bo Bo. I'd rather take my chances with the the big green plastic barrel surrounded by hornets.

*Pneumonia can decreases the amount of oxygen in your system. I thought I would be past that stage by now, but apparently, as evidenced by this post, I am still suffering the lingering effects of oxygen deprivation.


35jupe said…
Ah, so sorry to hear you've been sick! I understand completely.

I must be odd as I always loved clowns. But I had a great-uncle who ran away to the circus. And I heard that story a great deal, growing up.
Taradharma said…
argh, this is what happens when we give our all (and then some) to the office. the lung stuff can also just take a long time to get, easy does it!

I used to get lung infections a lot when I was super maxed out at work -- my body was smacking me down, telling me who was boss, and it wasn't the blonde lady in the blue suit.

Rest and heal!
Hey thanks Tara and Em.

I always thought I was the boss of how much sleep I needed. But you are right Tara. At some point, you just hit that wall.

I totally respect that Em. And I never used to give clowns a second thought until all those movies came out. Irrational fear (I hope).

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