If It Smells Like Bacon....

Our good friend McMeaty came by with a little surprise for us - a bottle of bacon infused vodka. He suggested we try it in a Bloody Mary, which of course started the wheels turning in my head. What else could we concoct with this stuff?

  1. Fill a shot glass with bacon vodka and layer the top with Vermont maple syrup (the good stuff). I would call this shot "Breakfast".
  2. Line a rocks glass with iceberg lettuce, pour in 3 ounces of bacon vodka, and float a slice of tomato on the top. I would name this drink "Lunch".
  3. Take one scallop, place into a shot glass. Add once ounce bacon vodka. I call this one "Scallops Slapped in Bacon". 
  4. Fill a martini glass with meatloaf. Top with ketchup and bacon vodka. This drink would probably make you sick. We won't call it anything.

Your ideas?


Anonymous said…
Go half way of a super sized shot glass with the bacon infused vodka then slowly fill the remaining space with creme de cacao. I would call that.....heavenly.
35jupe said…
How about a chocolate martini made with and call it desert?
Taradharma said…
ugh. I'm afraid I have no ideas for you. I'm not a fan of infused vodkas -- lemon is okay but that's it. This whole bacon in vodka thing makes my stomach hurt.

The bloody mary is the only thing that sounds remotely good! How's that for helpful suggestions, m' dear?

cheesegal said…
What kind of neighbors do you have? What happened to the neighbors who would borrow a cup of sugar a la The Cleavers?
Anyway, hope you liked the vodka - never a dull moment around here.
Nice to know it was blog worthy!!!

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