Wait Till You Hear This Story

Since the Olympics started I've been watching more television. And I've decided I hate the "tease". You know, the previews for the nightly news where they lead into a story in order to pique your curiosity so you will tune in after your show is over. Well, WWLP News, I'm not gonna do it.

"Meteors plummet towards the U.S. Will they hit your house? Tonight at 11:00."
"Five inmates escape from the state penitentiary. Are they hiding in your yard? Tune in at 11:00."
"Evacuations ordered for flood surge. Is your neighborhood on the list? Find out at 11:00."
"Free hot fudge sundaes until 10:00pm this evening. Find out where at 11:00."
"Fecal parasites detected in local water supply. Should you boil your water? Watch our investigative report tomorrow morning at 6:00am".

That's it's. I'm going back to watching the cute girls in little bikinis playing beach volleyball.


35jupe said…
I'm passive aggressive about the teasers now. If I want to know, I google it and then go to a different source than the one that ran the teaser to find out what they're talking about. (See? Passive aggressive. Not that they know.)

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