Stiffy's Exposed Sno Caps

We saw the movie Ted this weekend and laughed - a lot. A drug using, profanity spewing teddy bear can equal funny if you are in the right mood.

I was surprised to see so many young kids, accompanied by adults, at an R rated movie. Not quite sure what these "parents" were thinking. This is definitely an adult movie.  If you like exposing your kids to gratuitous profanity then maybe you should have them read my fucking blog.

Anyway, while walking to the car after the movie ended, I noticed our buddy Stiffy had her bra neatly folded under her arm.  Somewhere between bites of popcorn and handfuls Sno Caps, Stiffy had managed to remove her brassiere. Had I known that, I would have placed the cups around my ears and fastened the bra under my chin. Hey, if you can't have a little fun at the movies then what's the point of going?


35jupe said…
Hysterical! Good for her.
Taradharma said…
I do that bra-removal thing a lot, too, but not in public. Please!

I don't think parents knew what kind of movie Ted was, otherwise they wouldn't have brought the kiddies along. Very very inappropriate, from the previews I've seen. WTF were the adults thinking? Oh. I guess they weren't.

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