Numb Nuts

Another case of "brain has instructed mouth to start speaking even though warning messages were firing".

So this guy comes into our building at work and he is carrying this cardboard box the size of Nebraska. And I look right at him and I say "Wow, somebody has a big package".

Hey - I probably made his day.

I'm pretty sure his package is bigger than my brain.


Taradharma said…
I knew you were a closet heterosexual!
Isn't there some sort of reparative therapy for that Tara? I think I may need some!
Laine said…
On the upside, at least you didn't have a wet spot on your khaki's or tp streaming behind your foot.

Also, I think that was THE funniest line in "28 Days"...
danaca said…
this post may have just made my day!!!!

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