Naked Window

9:00am on Patriot's Day, 2012. It's a floating holiday for my company, and I'm drifting along on a current that's ripping through the chore list.

First task - fertilize the lawn while the grass is still wet with the morning dew. Figuring time was of the essence, I threw on a pair of sweats, a t-shirt,  sweatshirt, socks, and sneakers. That was it. No time for undergarments here. Yard work is best done when one is going commando. That is, until you realize you do not want to be wearing your fertilizer covered sweatpants when it is time to go back into the house.

Unfortunately when I walked into the kitchen bare-assed (I removed the offending sweat pants and socks in the garage) I discovered the dogs had peed on the kitchen floor. I just hope none of the neighbors caught a glimpse of me bending over to mop up the puddle.

Ok, time to exercise. I threw on some shorts and hopped on the treadmill. And I learned that the extra minute or two I saved by not putting on a bra was not worth the discomfort of jogging braless. I ran for 10 minutes holding my jumblies in place until I said screw it and opted for a fast uphill walk instead. Even for those of us at the very start of the alphabet, the girls need a little support if you are going to take them out for a spin.

Have a happy, productive, clothing optional Patriot's Day!


Laine said…
You had me at Commando! (screaming with laughter here!!)

Sure hope you've got some powder to put on those chaffed areas that will be burning like hell after while... :)
Taradharma said…
so many images now floating around in my mind....oh lawd!
Mon said…
Oh nice visual CJ...comando fertilizing could mean many things, just sayin'...

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