Here Come The Brides

I decided to add a watch list for blogs containing posts about gay marriage. As most of you know, here in Massahchusetts we gay and lesbian folk are allowed to tie the knot. I don't have many friends who actually took the plunge, but it's nice to know that most good people of the Commonwealth view gays and lesbians as equals under the law. We've been very sensitive in this state to the rights of others, ever since that whole witch hanging thing in Salem. I guess we realized that religion and politics don't mix. Anyway, for those of you needing a little more help to sort out your feelings about gay marriage, check out the blog post from entitled 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong. It's got some of the most clever reasoning that I have read to date. Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
I'd like to give credit to Best-of-Craigslist for my "10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong" blog entry. Thanks for passing it along!

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