Lessons from the Pulpit

I don't subscribe to any organized religion and the only time I find myself in a church is for a wedding or a funeral. The last couple of days however, I have been listening to snippets of Joel Osteen's radio broadcast. His words can be inspirational even for a heathen like myself. Joel's message seems similar to the law of attraction but with biblical references thrown in. I can almost relate.

Today's talk was about not holding on to anger and bitterness. In order to move forward in life, we can't be carrying around excess emotional baggage. That makes sense to me. Tell me more Joel!

Somebody cut you off on your commute? Drop it, leave it, let it go says Joel. Got your knickers in a twist about something that happened at work? Drop it, leave it, let it go. A friend of yours voted for Trump? Drop it, leave it, let it go. (That last one is my example and personal challenge of late.)

With Joel's sermon fresh on my mind, I pulled into the driveway and walked through the door. The dogs ran over to greet me in their usual manner. And because they missed me so much, they left me a present on the kitchen floor. In order to destroy the evidence, one of our clever little ones walked over to the Yorkie cigar and moved in for a bite. Suddenly the words that had been floating around in my head were now audible. "Drop it, leave it, let it go!"

It worked. Thank you Joel. I may be tuning in more often.


8thday said…
I am always so glad to see a post from you pop up in my feed. You never fail to make me smile.
8th Day your comment made my day :) Thank you very much for the nice comment.
Laura said…
What a handy piece of advice! I can see your dog with that looking at you like... wha?
So we took the Grandkids to their church while babysitting and the message was "Respond, don't react". So we said that a ton during our frazzled ten day stay. On the way home from the airport, when I had had enough of dumb ass drivers and there were no precious ears around that repeat everything they hear... I cursed at a high volume for miles... My partner said, "respond, not react" with a sly smile... my response was...:)

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