Are Those Your Spin Pants Or Are You Happy To See Me?

First post of 2017. Frankly, between a stressful 2016 and a bumpy start to 2017 I haven't felt funny. That is, until I wore my new spinning tights for the first time.

Normally I wear a loose fitting style of capri pants with a removable pad that snaps in place. I love them except for the fact that they are not very aerodynamic (because I spin like the wind) and they sometimes twist up a bit. Other than that, I am very comfortable wearing them, both physically and emotionally. I 💜 them.

Cycling tights are interesting. First of all, they are form fitting like no other piece of clothing I have ever worn. My soft butch perpetual weekend look does not include anything that hugs my body. The tights make me a bit self conscious, a feeling that is multiplied by going commando while wearing them.  I walk in such as way so that no one can see my backside. Awkward. I look as though I am line dancing my way to the cycling room.

Second, they have a built in pad. It sort of feels like wearing an adult diaper. Good practice for when I am in the nursing home. Instead of a visible panty line, I now have a bulge protruding from my backside and crotch. The good part is that it prevents any trace of my anatomy from showing. The bad part is it creates a visual that could be disturbing.  

Now the real test. They feel great while sitting on the bike. The pad is a bit bigger than I am used to but it does the trick. I'm thinking a few more adjustments and a built in battery pack and I'm ready to debut a new type of lady workout pants on Shark Tank. More bang for you buck so to speak. 

Perhaps my next purchase will be a pair of cycling shoes so I can clip myself to the pedals, locking myself to the bike until such time when the class ends and I can be rescued by the instructor. Like the wind!


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