Trashy on Trash Day

In the early post dawn hours, when you think all your neighbors are still in bed, what do you wear to bring out the trash on trash day?

How far will you go? Will you venture down the driveway in your pajamas? In your bathrobe?

Here was my garbage chic inspired outfit for this morning:

So CJ. Who are you wearing? I'm wearing my own design, one that accentuates the incredible bed head I woke up with this morning.

Black slip on shoes, the pair I typically wear to work, accented with red M&M boxers, a flannel shirt (Walmart's best), and a Seahawks* football t-shirt  combined beautifully to create this amazing ensemble.

Neighbors - you are welcome. You all now realize just how good you look today.

For added bonus trashy girl points, we are giving away this gently used suitcase which is your for the taking at the end of the driveway.

*I am totally a Patriot's fan but on a recent trip to Seattle, we picked up Seahawks t's as we needed something to sleep in. Tommy I'm sorry.


Anonymous said…
That is quite something... I must admit I don't take the trash out... But Mary does it the night before when she gets home from work therefore eliminating the possibility of having to put a very similar ensemble together.
8thday said…
I think my neighbors think there are identical twins in my house - the one who looks professional leaving for work, and the bag lady she has rented a room to who takes out the trash.
I think you look absolutely splendid, dahlink! During the school year, I take it out after I get home from work because it gets picked up at 6AM. So on those days, I am most generally looking fine. However, in the summer, it is what it is. And while I'm taking the trash out, I'm also getting the mail so doubly the duty on trash-outfit day!

Personally, I think anyone should wear what they want (that isn't X rated) and if the neighbors don't like it...they can look away. However, when mowing, pulling weeds or trimming...well...that's a whole different conversation! :)

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