Avoid The Downward Dog In The Aisle

Can we talk about yoga pants? Did they suddenly become the pants in which to travel when you are jetting across the friendly blue skies?

On a recent flight to Las Vegas I noticed that many women were wearing yoga pants - young women, old women, fit women, not so fit women. And in my humble opinion, this is not a great look when traveling. I think yoga pants do look good in certain situations,  like when you are doing yoga for example.  But that's about it.

Some people wear them too tight. I don't want to be that familiar with a friend's anatomy, never mind a total stranger's.  Some people wear them too loose, which makes them look like a big black diaper.

If I owned an airline there would not only be a baggage fee but also a yoga pants fee. The cost would be $25 for each person in your party wearing them. And everyone would have to step on the luggage scale. Those with a BMI greater than 24.9 or less than 18.5 would be charged an additional $10.00 for every 5 points they are over or under. And my slogan? "Martini Cartwheel Air - It's no farce. We really don't want to see your arse."


Tara said…
Ha! I now see ads for yoga pants designed for the professional office. They do look pretty good, in the photos anyway. But yeah, and you can add sweat pants to the extra fee for your airline...many people wear them and they do not look good. Seeing butt dimples through clothes -- shudder....

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