Sit Down Please

I must have a reputation for sitting quite a bit as I got a squatty potty and a balance ball chair for Christmas. In fact, I'm using the balance ball as I type. Had you worried for half a second there didn't I?

Without giving away TMI, I think the balance ball chair would be great for my desk at work. The squatty potty not so much as I can't picture myself 1) actually sitting on a toilet seat at work and 2) without doing step 1 there is no step 2 and 3) who in their right mind needs a squatty potty at their desk?

I also got a new coffee maker which I guess works somewhat in tandem with both of these devices. You can use one of them while you drink your coffee and then you can use the other one when you are done.

All kidding aside, I think both the chair and the squatty potty are really innovative products and from what I can gather, pretty popular this holiday season. Thank you Blondie from the bottom of my heart bottom for always getting me such cool gifts.


Tara said…
I had to Google "Potty Squat" for Christ sakes. Did Blondie get you some probiotics to "go" with that? Works wonders for me.

No squats for me...I got cooking goodies and bath/body goodies, jewelry, scarves, and a new love! Yep. You read that right, girlfriend.

Now don't go blabbing all over facebook -- it's early days and - uh - it's a M A N. You read that right. You might want to go use that potty thingy right about now.

Just sayin'.
A new love? Hey that's wonderful Tara! I think that's a great way to start the new year :)

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