Grocery Shopping Granny

Is this a good look for me? White socks and Crocks? I really hope so because I went grocery shopping wearing this ensemble. Terrible picture from this angle though. My cankles look like two oak coffee table legs. 

Never thought I would adopt the Babcia look so soon. Anyone know where I can pick up a housecoat (aka a lady's duster). 


Tara said…
sweats are the new dusters, kiddo. just throw 'em on, pull the hood over than unruly hair, and Bob's yer uncle.
Laine said…
You are a Goddess.
Marcie said…
My mom has a few dusters you coud borrow! With the socks and the Crocs you would look like a super model!
Love me a cozy pair of sweats Tara. And hoodies. Must be because I am a Cancer and I can crawl right into my shell (hood).
Thank you Laine. I think it's a super sexy Yankee look.
Not only will I take you up on that offer Marcie, but I will sit with you Mom and we can have coffee while wearing them!

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